City of Bend Watering Basics

What Time of Day Should I Water?

The City of Bend recommends watering between the hours of 8:00pm and 6am. Watering during these hours means relatively low wind conditions and less water loss due to evaporation.

The City of Bend has the following water code: 14.20.050 Irrigation Hours.

  1. Irrigation hours apply all year.

  2. Irrigation is not allowed between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

  3. Even address numbers may water only on even-numbered days of the month.

  4. Odd address numbers may water only on odd-numbered days of the month.

  5. Watering is allowed for all addresses on the thirty-first day of the month.

  6. These regulations apply to hoses or hose-end devices left unattended.

  7. These regulations do not apply to watering by hand-held hose while continuously being attended.

  8. For the purpose of determining if an address is watering on an even or odd day, it is the day in which the first irrigation cycle begins. [Ord. NS-2182, 2012]

How Long Should I Water?

In many cases running an irrigation system on a lawn area for more than 15 minutes will result in runoff. Irrigation on sloped areas or on compacted soils may experience runoff in as little as 5 minutes. Take advantage of the cycle/soak feature on your irrigation controller to reduce water runoff.

How Often Should I Water?

Since plant water needs change throughout the seasons it is important to adjust your watering regularly.  See our sample watering schedule for approximate number of minutes to water lawns per week. Dividing this time up throughout the week, you will typically water lawns for 2 to 5 days depending on the time of year.  Throughout the sprinkling season, use the “cycle and soak” method described later to obtain beneficial deep watering with fewer watering days. Following are some general guidelines:

  • Spring (Mar 1-May 31) Water needs increase when plants start growing. Watering less frequently but deeply will encourage healthy root growth.

  • Summer (June 1-Aug 31) Summer water needs will increase until late July, and then begin declining. During very hot periods every other day irrigation is often plenty.

  • Fall (Sept 1-Oct 31) With days getting shorter, water needs will decrease, so even during warm periods water less than in summer. Some irrigation may be needed, but irrigation systems can typically be shut off and winterized near the end of October.

  • Winter (Nov 1-Feb 28/29) Turf does not need watering during this time. In very dry winters trees and shrubs may need watering once per month. Insure that soils are thawed enough to accept water.

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